Brothers a Tale of Two Sons Review

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Starbreeze Games
Reviewer: JayWood2010 Genre: Fantasy-Adventure Rating: Teen

At first glance Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons looks like a simple game that is based around a simple but also original idea.  You can view this game as something intriguing but it is one of those games that needs to be experienced to see the full artistic value.  Something I would consider to be similar to one of my all-time favorite games by the name of ICO.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is about two young boys setting out on an adventure to get medicine across the many lands to save their father. Through an abstract like story without dialogue or voice it starts off with showing the mother die before the youngest brother’s eyes.  Now with the fear of their father dying and them becoming orphans they go through this fantasy world that will have you in shock at how beautiful it truly is.  Some of the settings and the creativity combined had me in awe.  If someone told me this was a next generation game I would have believed it.  The character models aren’t highly detailed but the scenery and the beautiful fantasy creatures such as Giants and Trolls will really take you into the fantasy world that they have created.  Even hours after you stop your gaming session you will remember many of the events and locations you visit.  Regardless of the fear of becoming orphans the two brothers make the game a light-hearted adventure by joking with each other or helping each other and at times it will pull your heart strings.  Whether it be that you save a man from hanging himself after his house has burned down or saving turtles who has been flipped upside down every bit of the world will have you immersed.  The world combined with the music is a one of a kind and a beautiful place.

The simple mechanics only requires four buttons to be used throughout the entire game.  You control both brothers at the same time.  The older brother with the left analog stick and the younger brother with the right analog stick.  The action buttons is left and right trigger.  Each brother is unique and has different advantages based on their size and strength.  Whether it be the older brother to pull heavy levers or the younger brother who can fit in small locations you can solve any puzzle as a team.  The puzzles was never challenging and a breeze but the simplistic control scheme and the originality makes this game a joy to take.


Much like ICO, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a magnificent game that must be experienced individually.  With the wonderful music, abstract story, and beautiful scenery this is a game that I will remember for a long time.  Starbreeze games has immediately got a fan out of me and if you are even remotely intrigued by this game, try it.

Story 8.5
Artstyle/Audio 9.5
Gameplay 8
Fantasy Adventure 9
Artistic Value 9
Overall 8.8
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