Killer Instinct Review

Platform: Xbox One Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Rare Ltd/Double Helix
Reviewer: JayWood2010 Genre: Fighting Rating: Teen


Killer Instinct is back and it has been nearly two decades since the original release of Killer Instinct in 1994 by Rare.  Since then Rare Ltd. Has went through some major changes including being owned by Microsoft.  Rare Ltd.  Is not the only developers on Killer Instinct though, in fact Double Helix has joined in on the action and took the main lead on Killer Instinct’s development with some Rare members. Bringing back the nostalgia was a certainty, however it is hard to say that they could bring the expectations as well.  Don’t fret though, this game brings back Killer Instinct with a complex fighting system where your main focus is to string combos together through technical combos using Openers, combo linkers, and enders.  Unlike most fighting games where once a combo starts the opponent has to sit there helplessly until they finish the combo, in Killer instinct you have a chance to do the iconic Combo breaker to break the combo.  This is where you will play chess like matches by mixing up your attacks from light, medium, or heavy.  If you are someone who only goes for heavy attacks which may have a little more distance and power, it is also slower and being predictable your opponent will quickly figure out they need to try to break your combos on heavy attacks.  Don’t just randomly start hitting the combo breaker button though because if you choose the wrong one you will go into a lockout and become helpless for the next 3 seconds. A few other twists on the combo system includes shadow linkers and enders.  Shadow linkers is a quick special that will last you for a limited amount of time and depending on the character you are using could give you different perks.  Anything from more powerful strikes to regenerating health.  An ender on the other hand is one of the most important things you must do.  If you string a combo together for max damage and you do not finish with an ender you will not receive the bonus damage it would have given you before.  For extra damage it is always important to finish with enders.  Of course there is much more advanced techniques than just these that other fighters use but with the quick pacing of Killer Instinct and them promoting you to get in your opponent’s face it is a constant rush while also allowing mind games with the combo breaker system. Unfortunately even though Killer Instinct has a brilliant fighting system it also lacks content that may turn people away from purchasing an Xbox One on day one.  With six characters at launch, online game mode, plenty of unlockable, survival mode, and what is possibly the best tutorial I’ve ever played on any fighting game Killer Instinct allows you to have a lot fun although limited by the lack of story and more characters.  Fret not though, Starting January Killer Instinct will have one new character every month up til June.  You will also be getting storyline between January-March though the release date has yet to be confirmed. Analysis When all is said and done Killer Instinct is one of the best fighters I have played when it comes to gameplay.  The graphics are pretty though it doesn’t scream next gen and unfortunately the lack of content is its main flaw so the choice to get Killer Instinct  would be whether to wait for Season 1 to be over when it will have 15 characters and storyline or buy it now and wait for the rest of the game to be complete.

Score Positive Negative
Gameplay 9 Complex Fighting System Low amount of game modes
Graphics 7.5 Particle Effects Doesn’t Scream Next Gen
Fighting Genre 9 One of the best Fighters I’ve played  Not complete until 2014
Overall 8.5

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